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NHS Local

22nd December, Birmingham Children's Hospital

NHS local's new Trust toolkit has been used to develop the new Birmingham Children's Hospital website launched today. The site gives patients and their parents the support and preparation they need for a visit to the hospital.

You can also read about the website on NHS Local

Spirit of Summer Fair

27th October, BAFTA guru goes live

Illumina worked in partnership with The Council to deliver BAFTA's GURU, a site that brings together some of the most exciting voices in Film, TV and Games into one handy hub.

Visit the BAFTA GURU website.

Spirit of Summer Fair

25th October, Illumina nominated for 2 BAFTA Children's Awards

Rob Andrews and Matt Jones were nominated in 'Learning-Primary' for Cashk@tz and in 'Learning-Secondary' with Fresh One for Jamie's Dream School and Britain's Dream Teachers..

See more on the BAFTA website.

Spirit of Summer Fair

24th June, BAFTA, Young Game Designers (YGD)

Illumina works in partnership with The Council to deliver the website for the relaunch of BAFTA's Young Game Designers brand, aimed at encouraging school children to consider a career in the games industry.

You can also follow Young Game Designers on Twitter and Facebook.

Spirit of Summer Fair

5th May, Broadcast Digital Awards

Illumina's work with FreshOne Productions and Maverick TV has seen us nominated in two categories for this year's Broadcast Digital Awards for Jamie's Dream School (Best Content Partnership) and NHS local (Best Use of Digital Technology).

Spirit of Summer Fair

16th March, BBC 2, IT in the Workplace

Illumina's most recent TV production. A set of short films looking behind the scenes of a teen magazine, a chocolate factory, a car manufacturer, and a botanic gardens to see the wide range of IT used by different professionals.

Find out more on the BBC iPlayer

Spirit of Summer Fair

8th March, BBC, Waterloo Road Reunited

Illumina is working with Shed Media Scotland to deliver the fictional blog that supports their latest online drama. Using a combination of scripted episodes (shown online and on red button), fictional social media networks, audio and interactive fan sites, Waterloo Road Reunited allows the audience to catch up with thier favourite ex pupils. We have developed the fictional blog where content will be released over a number of weeks.

Find out more on the BBC Waterloo Road Reunited Blog

Spirit of Summer Fair

25th February, Jamie's Dream School

Working with Fresh One Productions and Channel 4, Illumina have delivered the multiplatform component of the forthcoming Jamie's Dream School series including a dedicated YouTube channel, content for the Channel 4 site and social media activity (twitter, Facebook).

Read the press release

Britain's Dream Teachers

18th February, Britain's Dream Teachers

Youtube and Jamie Oliver are looking for Britain's Dream Teachers to help students learn the toughest topics by sharing their video answers online. Illumina have worked with Youtube to develop the competition.

Read the press release

Britain's Dream Teachers

1st February, Illumina Scotland, New Office Launch

Illumina Scotland officially welcomed visitors to the launch of our brand new office, located in Glasgow's Ingram Street, including Illumina Board members, representatives of Creative Scotland, industry supporters, colleagues and co-founder and COO of debut client, RockCorps' Grady Lee.

Read more about this event

Read the press release

Spirit of Summer Fair

24th January, Near Me iPhone App

NHS local's Near Me application is now available for the iPhone meaning you can find your nearest health services wherever you live in England.

Spirit of Summer Fair

22nd January, Science of Attraction

NHS local's Near Me application is now available for the iPhone meaning you can find your nearest health services wherever you live in England.


NHS Local

22nd December, Next Phase of NHS Local Released

NHS Local with enhanced video player, more apps and tweaked structure goes live.

Spirit of Summer Fair

14th December, Spirit of Summer Fair

Discover unique and individual ideas for stylish summer living on the Spirit of Summer Fair website developed by Illumina. This is just one of the many event websites created by us for Clarion Events as part of the digital media strategy we are helping them develop.

Dispatches - Battle Scarred

10th November, Channel 4 Battle Scarred nominated for a Mind Mental Health Media Award

Channel 4 Battle Scarred has been nominated for a Mind Mental Health Media Award. Illumina Digital worked with film maker David Modell to produce this dedicated website to accompany the Dispatches television programme Battle Scarred which examined the psychological effects experienced by British soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan through the soldiers own stories in words, photos, video and messages.


9th November, Science of Scams nominated for a Children's Bafta

Science of Scams has been nominated for a Children's Bafta. Derren Brown releases 7 hoax videos which appear to demonstrate paranormal phenomena but are actually based on real scientific principles. This was a project for Objective Production and Channel 4 Learning.

Sex Unzipped

1st November, Sex Unzipped

Sexunzipped is a website about sex, relationships and sexual health for young people over 16. Working with the e-Health department at UCL, Illumina Digital developed this website as part of an 18 month research project.

Finalist BETT Awards 2011

October 25th 2010, Cliffhanger for ESOL shortlisted for a Bett Award

Cliffhanger for ESOL, available on LSIS's Excellence Gateway, has been shortlisted for the Secondary, FE & Skills Digital Content Bett Award 2011. This year's awards have seen an increase in the number of entries so to be shortlisted is a fantastic achievement. The winner will be announced on 12th January 2011.

itv 1 - The Cube

19th September, The Cube

Illumina has developed The Cube, an online game which gives viewers of the hit ITV game show a chance to play for themselves. Working with Objective Productions and All3 International we have created a game which is close to the TV experience and has instant audience appeal.


September 10th 2010, 'Better Learning with ICT' for Teachers TV

Following the successful first series of 'Better Learning with ICT', four new programmes - looking at how animation, voting technology, visualisers and podcasting can enhance teaching and learning in the classroom - have been published on the Teachers TV website. Alongside the main programmes are a number of additional resources about each technology including 'how to' videos for beginners and classroom case studies for different key stages and subjects.

Illumina Scotland

August 3rd, Illumina Scotland open for business

Illumina Digital has opened a new office in Glasgow to grow new business in the public, broadcasting and commercial sectors in Scotland and the North of England. Claire Scally joins the team as the Head of Illumina Scotland and we are currently working on a number of exciting new projects.

NHS Local

July 8th, NHS Local launched by Health Secretary, Andrew Langsley

NHS Local brings together local (West Midlands) health news, information, services and support from across the NHS and from other trusted organisations and individuals. It aims to connect citizens and staff to the best available online resources and, importantly, to each other. Illumina is the design and development partner in a consortium led by Maverick TV.

London Recut

May 14, Get your hands on London's history with London Recut

London Recut is an exciting new film initiative and competition open to everyone. Using Illumina's online editing tool eseq, users can produce a short film responding to life in London today. Films submitted are entered into a competition with the winning film displayed on the big screen at the Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival.

Download the press release


April 29, Backing Young Britain goes live

Illumina Digital designed and built the website to support the cross-departmental government campaign 'Backing Young Britain Mentoring' for Nord Anglia Education. The site provides information for a range of audiences, plus online training activities for mentors who have signed up to the scheme, and a number of videos to provide additional information and encourage participation.


April 26, Science of Scams is nominated for a BAFTA

Science of Scams has been nominated for a BAFTA Award for Interactive Creative Contribution. The awards are to be held on Sunday 23rd May. Illumina Digital created Science of Scams with Objective Productions for Channel 4.

On Top of the Digital World 2

March 12, On Top of the Digital World 2

Transmission date: 05.00 BBC2 Tuesday 16th March

This is the second series of films about digital media literacy aimed at young people between 11 and 16 to be commissioned from Illumina Digital by BBC Learning. This series of nine short films focuses on the challenges, rewards and dangers of young people interacting with the digital world.

CopyK@tz Beware!

February 11, CopyK@tz Beware!

'CopyK@tz Beware!' is a fifteen minute animation produced by Illumina Digital for BBC Learning as part of the BBC's contribution to Safer Internet Week.

See 'CopyK@tz Beware!' on the BBC Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips site.

And check out the AlleyK@tz' music video 'Pay for What You Play' on YouTube.


Illumina's Santa's Sleigh game

December 15, Illumina's Santa's Sleigh game

Get into the Christmas spirit with Illumina's Santa's Sleigh game. The best scores appear on our twitter leaderboard.

Play the game

BBC College of Journalism

December 11, BBC College of Journalism

Illumina designed the newly launched BBC College of Journalism website. Working alongside the College of Journalism team at the BBC, Illumina devised the information architecture for the site and created a sophisticated and striking design that would appeal to journalists, institutions and the general public alike. We also created a CMS based on the Movable Type platform.

BBC Raw Numbers

November 5, BBC Raw Numbers Goes Live

BBC Raw is the BBC's adult education site supporting and helping adult learners develop skills for everyday life. Illumina produced the video content and built the shell to meet all current BBC accessibility guidelines. Raw Numbers follows on from our work on the Raw Home page with Phil Tuffnell, creating a welcoming environment for users who may be new to the internet and to learning.


October 19, The BIMA Shortlist

Illumina get nominations in 2 categories: CBBC Mashup for Online Web Applications, and WebQuests for Arts and Culture. The awards will be announced on November 19th.

BBC Media Literacy

October 16, BBC Media Literacy goes live

Media literacy is the BBC's first 'supertopic', a portal to the wealth of content across the BBC that supports web users in understanding, using and creating media. Illumina designed and built these 'beta' pages which showcase a range of content, including three video clips from On Top of the Digital World, the media literacy series produced by Illumina for BBC Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips. The BBC plan to use feedback on these pages to help develop the supertopic next year.


October 8, New Quizmania Shows

Our Partners, Fremantle, have been in production with a series of new Quizmania shows to test our new PuzzleVision Platform. Go to, register and find out the transmission time for the forthcoming episodes.

Science of Scams

October 5, Science of Scams: Have you been Scammed?

We've been working with Channel 4, Derren Brown and Objective to release 7 hoax videos which appear to show paranormal phenomena. In fact they're all based on real scientific principles and there's nothing paranormal about them at all. Over the past few months this hoax footage has been posted all over the internet in an attempt to find out if people would accept the footage as genuine or question it to try to discover the real truth.

The SunQuiz live

October 1, Sun Quiz Live, erm, Goes Live!

Sun Quiz Live is a ground breaking new online quiz show that combines live broadcast TV with a multiplayer quiz platform and a micro payment system. We've been working over the last year to develop the platform and we're delighted we've been able to launch with the SUN.

Also see:
Media Week
Media Guardian
Le Figaro

Electric Dreams

September 22, Illumina brings back the 70s!

... and the 80s and the 90s with the launch of the Electric Dreams website. The website has been developed to accompany the Wall to Wall TV series coming to BBC four on September 29th . Electric Dreams explores how the technological revolution of the 1970s, 80s and 90s has transformed Britain's homes and all our lives. One of the big features of the website is the 'time tunnel' featuring fun objects from the 70s, 80s and 90s alongside curious facts, archive footage and quiz questions. Delve deep into our catalogue of nostalgia and remember the hissing Teasmades, beeping Tamagotchis and fizzing Soda Streams. We'll always be together... together in electric dreams...

Derren Brown - The Events

August 24, Illumina creates new Derren Brown Teaser site

Illumina's web team have been locked away in a dark room at a top secret location creating the new Derren Brown events website for Channel 4. Of course, we can't tell you anything about it or we'd have to kill you... although you can see the teaser site here and there's more coming soon... or is there?

Lord Carter

June 16, Andrew Chitty interviews Lord Carter about the Digital Britain report

With the launch today of the Digital Britain report, Illumina's MD Andrew Chitty, a member of the report's Steering Committee, interviews Lord Carter about its findings. In this twenty minute video interview, Stephen Carter and Andrew Chitty discuss the key issues.

Watch the video

RTS Award

June 16, Illumina wins Royal Television Society award

i-Science, an Illumina Digital production for BBC Learning, won a prestigious Royal Television Society Educational Award last night. i-Science is twelve inspiring, high octane video clips designed for use by teachers in class. The videos use short animated sequences and CGI to achieve the maximum visual impact. and type in iscience.

Barry and Stuart

April 17, Illumina and Objective's magic trick a YouTube hit!

A fuzzy two-minute video purporting to be a psychic test discovered on an old VHS tape was the starting point for an elaborate hoax on BBC3. The trick went on to become the second most watched clip on YouTube last week. The hoax, starring comedian tricksters Barry and Stuart, was filmed by Objective and depended on technicological support from Illumina to pull it off. Try it for yourself on unsuspecting friends and family!

Take the test.

Webby Award Honoree

April 16, Quizmania an Official Honoree at Webby's

Quizmania, Illumina Digital and Fremantle's interactive video quiz has been selected as an Official Honoree for the Events and Live Webcasts category in The 13th Annual Webby Awards. Quizmania was originally a success in 2005, when a lovable bunch of presenters, production crew and stuffed animals became familiar friends to quizzers and insomniacs across the UK.

Go to Quizmania website

The Great British Summer Holiday

April 2, Illumina Digital triumphs at Content 360

Mosaic Films and Illumina Digital walked away with the prize for 'Factual Content via your Mobile' last night at the Content 360 awards show at MIPTV. The idea, 'The Great British Summer Holiday', beat 37 submissions from 16 countries. Developed by Mosaic Films in partnership Illumina Digital, GBSH intends to motivate its target audience of 25 - 40 year olds to get out of their homes and engage with the BBC via their mobiles this summer.

Mosaic Films

March 27, Illumina presention at MIPTV

Illumina are working with Mosaic Films on a mobile proposition for the BBC's 'Factual Content via your Mobile' Content360 pitch at MIPTV. Mosaic Films developed the original idea and asked Illumina to partner. We'll present this exciting idea in Cannes next week, with the winner going on to receive funding for development. If you would like to learn more about this or meet up with Vanessa and Richard at MIPTV please contact Beth Spencer who will arrange a meeting.

Shifty Film

March 26, Illumina produce Shifty Viral

Along with MTM London, Illumina is working with Metrodome, the film distributor looking at new ways of enhancing and promoting film releases. As part of the consultancy we've created a viral campaign for the film release of 'Shifty'. You can 'stitch up' a mate with an official letter from the Community Drugs Team or enter your DJ mixes into a competition. More information will follow when the campaign launches next month but in the meantime take a sneak preview of the film at

Go to website

CBBC Mash Up

March 3, Illumina Digital develops CBBC Mash Up

Using Illumina's e-Seq application, CBBC Mash Up enables web users to create their own CBBC animated ident. The application gives children the chance to stretch, squash and colour some of their favourite CBBC characters, letters and animation. This innovative project aims to get children interacting with the recently relaunched CBBC brand.

Go to website


February 25, Illumina launch NMOLP with the Victoria and Albert Museum

The National Museum Online Learning Project launched today at the V&A. Illumina Digital worked with nine of the UK's leading museums and galleries to combine their online collections for the first time. The online educational tool, for use by pupils and teachers, promotes open-ended investigation to solve specific tasks. The open-ended investigations are called WebQuests - each WebQuest presents a task or range of tasks that require pupils to use at least three partner collections online for their research and exploration, recording of information, and towards their presentation of ideas.

Go to website

Webby Award nominee

February 24, Quizmania shortlisted for Webby

Quizmania, Illumina Digital and Fremantle's interactive video quiz has made the Online Film and Video shortlist in the Events & Live Webcasts category at the 13th Annual Webby Awards. From the thousands of entries submitted, Quizmania is in the final few. Shortlisted entries will now be further evaluated by members of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences and the winner will be announced in March.

Go to project

BBC raw

January 15, New look for BBC's adult learning site

BBC raw, the BBC's adult learning site has had a make-over. TV personality and ex-cricketer, Phil Tuffnell is the new face of the site, offering users help and advice in improving their basic skills. Phil was filmed in the Illumina studios and composited onto a new carousel interface produced by Illumina's design team. The new site is inviting and friendly for people who may lack technical knowledge and confidence.

Go to website


Andrew Chitty

November 7, Andrew Chitty joins Digital Britain Steering Board

Illumina Digital is pleased to announce that Andrew Chitty has been invited to join the Steering Board appointed to guide the work of "The Digital Britain Report". The Steering Board will support Stephen Carter, the Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting as the report seeks to create a framework to maximise the benefits, both socially and economically, for a fully digital economy. Andrew is the 'production/new media' expert on the board.

Go to full story


October 29, Focus on Film is nominated for a BAFTA

Focus on Film, the National Archives online learning resource, has been nominated for a BAFTA Children's Award for Learning (Secondary). The awards are to be held on Sunday 30th November. Illumina Digital created Focus on Film Editor's Room for The National Archives using Illumina's eSeq application.

Go to project


September 18, Illumina Digital joins the ALL3MEDIA group

Illumina Digital is delighted to announce this morning that it has joined the ALL3MEDIA group. Steve Morrison, Chief Executive of ALL3MEDIA, says of the announcement, "Illumina Digital is the leader of the pack in the world of multiplatform content production. Andrew and his team have a very impressive track record of innovation, and they are constantly setting new benchmarks for interactive content as the trend for audience engagement online continues to intensify. We welcome Illumina Digital's talented creators into ALL3MEDIA's family of companies". ALL3MEDIA is an International Group of film and TV production and distribution companies with its headquarters in London.

Download full press release

V Good

October 2, V Good joins Illumina Digital

Illumina Digital is delighted to announce the acquisition of V Good, best known for the hit TV programme Tony Blair Rock Star. V Good will continue to create compelling, 'headline-grabbing' TV shows across drama, entertainment and factual entertainment genres but will also create content for audiences across multiple platforms. Andrew Chitty, MD of Illumina comments; "At a time when exciting multiplatform entertainment and drama projects are emerging into the market, Illumina Digital sees this acquisition as a key driver in the development of the business."

Download full press release


August 26, Illumina Digital in Televisual Top 100 list

Illumina Digital has entered Televisual magazine's Top 100 independent production companies at number 43. Andrew Chitty, Managing Director of Illumina is quoted as saying that he has seen "a real sea change" in the way that broadcasters think about multiplatform content in the last twelve months, "It has gone from nice-to-have to absolutely essential." "Televisual states that, "This is good news for Illumina Digital"

Televisual magazine website

Illumina 10 year anniversary

August 20, Illumina Digital is ten years old

Illumina Digital is ten years old this year and we celebrated with a party at the National Theatre. The last ten years has seen a revolution in the way television is watched, with audiences spending more and more time on the web and mobile phones. This change has been to Illumina's advantage. Established in 1998 as a convergent media company, Illumina Digital has focussed on developing concepts, content and experiences across the whole range of digital distribution platforms. In the past ten years, we have worked with clients producing award-winning interactive experiences for a wide range of audiences.

For photos of the fun we had at our 10 Year party please go to: Illumina Digital 10 year party pics


August 17, Quizmania Beta goes live

In 2005, a lovable bunch of presenters, production crew and stuffed animals became familiar friends to quizzers and insomniacs across the UK (just type Quizmania into Youtube and you'll see what we mean). Such was its success that local versions were produced in Australia, Poland, Columbia, France and Portugal. And now it's back but this time online which means you can now play interactive quizzes, chat straight to the studio, discuss the quiz with the audience and play with and against friends.

This Illumina Digital production is with Fremantle Media's Quizmania team and we hope to further exploit this successful online broadcast platform.

Quizmania Beta website

Who Do You Think You Are?

August 9, New 'Who Do You Think You Are?' website goes live

WDYTYA, produced by Wall to Wall, is one of BBC1's most popular prime time brands. The new website, designed and built by Illumina Digital, to accompany the latest series (featuring amongst others Boris Johnston and Jerry Springer) expands as the series is broadcast on television, revealing the stories, as well as the behind the scenes research, uncovering the celebrities' histories.

Download full press release

Who Do You Think You Are? website

FOCAL International

July 29, Focus on Film wins FOCAL International award

Focus on Film, The National Archives' editing tool produced by Illumina Digital, won a FOCAL International Award for Best Use of Footage on Non-Televisual Platforms, beating stiff competition from Film Australia's education web portal and the BFI's Mediatheque Centre. Primarily for teachers and students but available to the general public too, Focus on Film allows visitors to browse through and edit together video clips, audio clips and still images taken from The National Archives' fantastic collection. Using our unique eSeq application, Illumina developed features for The National Archives including a rostrum tool so users can pan across still images and bring them to life and a flexible caption feature so they can manipulate titles and captions in the same way. Details of the FOCAL Awards can be found here:

Focal Awards

Focus on Film


June 18, Illumina Digital wins a Royal Television Society Award

Cliffhanger Studios, a modern foreign language resource produced by Illumina Digital, won a prestigious Royal Television Society Educational Award on Monday night. "Flexible and innovatively packaged..." said the judges as they awarded Illumina Digital in the ceremony's 'Innovation' category. "The winner is a modern language resource which enables teachers to create a personalised approach by suggesting new activities and tailoring the content for their learners", stated the RTS judges as they praised the resource's originality. The 'Innovation' category rewards a project that has made 'a significant educationally innovative use of television or televisual material'.

Download full press release

Andrew and Malcolm

May 15, Touch Productions and Illumina Digital announce joint venture - TouchIllumina

With five joint projects in development, the new company called TouchIllumina has already secured its first commission from the BBC. Led by Andrew Chitty and Malcolm Brinkworth, the new company will draw on both companies award-winning creative teams to create multi-platform projects across TV, the web and mobile platforms. Based in Bath TouchIllumina will develop projects for both UK and international broadcasters reflecting the widening reach of both companies' business. Details of TouchIllumina's first commissions to follow shortly.

Download full press release

Ready To Learn

April 2, Illumina launch mass-participation science experiment

During this year's Science Week, Illumina Digital produced a ground-breaking mass-participation online psychology experiment for school children. Led by Teachers TV, the 'Ready to Learn' project provides a huge amount of data about children's behaviour before school and its effect on their mental alertness during school. Completed by 80,000 children over the week, the experiment logged whether the children get a lift to school or walk, eat cereal for breakfast, go to bed early and their physical activity during school. The participants were then all tested on their working memory, cognitive inhibition and planning respectively. Illumina Digital produced the editorial, design and development for 'Ready to Learn' using key research and rigorous user-testing.

Northern Art Prize

January 18, Prize winning film wins Northern Art Prize

Illumina Digital would like to congratulate Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope on winning the first Northern Art Prize last night. Their installation included the acclaimed documentary film, co-produced by Illumina Digital: Bata-ville. Bata-ville follows passengers on an English coach trip to the origins of the Bata shoe empire - the Moravian town of Zlin. Against the backdrop of economic regeneration in their communities, former employees of two, now closed, UK Bata factories are led by Pope and Guthrie on a unique journey through Bata's legacy and across a changing Europe. Illumina Digital worked with Pope and Guthrie co-producing and delivering the final documentary film.

Download full press release


January 11, Focus on Film wins at BETT 2008

The National Archives' online editing tool "Focus on Film" won a prestigious BETT award on Wednesday evening (9th January) for Best Secondary Digital Content (Other Curriculum Areas). The Editor's Room on "Focus on Film", created by Illumina Digital, allows users to browse through and edit video clips, audio clips and still images taken from the national archives collection. Visitors can choose clips of historical events such as Battle of the Somme, The Korean War and The Prague Spring. The BETT awards encourage and recognise outstanding education sector resources and learning solutions. Judges were impressed with the way "Focus on Film" helps teachers and pupils understand the process of filmmaking.

Focus on Film


Random House Books

November 26, Random House launch ecommerce website

Illumina Digital worked with Random House to raise the bar for publishing houses online. As well as finding and purchasing books online, visitors to the website can access a wealth of rich media content gaining exclusive insight into Random House publications and associated authors. Whether it's hearing Stephen Hawkin read an excerpt from "A Brief History of Time", watching Jaqueline Wilson describe the idea behind "Girls in Tears" or listening to Betty Boothroyd share her story about what first drew her to politics, there is something to tempt the interests of all readers, whatever age.

Random House Book website

Carlton Reeve

November 9, Illumina are delighted to announce the appointment of Carlton Reeve as an Executive Producer

Carlton Reeve joins Illumina Digital from the BBC. A Commissioner for the BBC's ground-breaking £150m education service BBC jam, Carlton was responsible for secondary level Maths, Science, Religious Education and Design & Technology. Before jam Carlton was the Editor of BBC Worldwide Interactive Learning (WIL), the BBC's commercial e-learning department. In this role Carlton led projects with Becta, British Council, BSA, DfES, DfID, NCSL and OU producing resources for children, undergraduates, adult basic skills and Continuing Professional Development.

Download full press release

AOP 07

October 24, Get Cooking received a special mention at the UK Association of Online Publishers

Get Cooking received a special mention at the UK Association of Online Publishers Awards this month which took place on October 3rd at the London Hilton, Park Lane. Acknowledged for its commitment to good design and usability, the judges remarked on Illumina's "excellent use of technology" and said they were looking forward to future developments. Now in their sixth year, the AOP Online Publishing Awards are designed to celebrate and reward excellence in all aspects of digital publishing and are established as a showcase of the most innovative and high-quality online content in the UK.

Get Cooking website

Golden Ladle Award

October 23, Illumina Digital has won a Golden Ladle at Le Cordon Bleu Food Awards

Get Cooking has won a Golden Ladle at Le Cordon Bleu Food Awards for the Best Cooking Website in the World. A prestigious award with A-list company, Nigella won best TV show while Rick Stein received a special Gold Ladle Award for outstanding achievements. The "foodie" equivalent of the Oscars, Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards acknowledges the work of food and drink professionals, writers, educators, TV presenters and producers, and recognises excellence across publishing platforms.

Get Cooking website


October 17, Illumina Digital has been nominated for three BIMA 2007 awards

Illumina Digital has been nominated for three BIMA 2007 awards. My Mini Movies as part of the Summer of British Film season is on the shortlist for Best Community website or Campaign, Breaking the News II is in the Education and Learning category and Get Cooking is up for the Best Website Award. The BIMAs celebrate creative excellence and best practice in interactive design.

Summer of British film mini movies website


October 16, Empire's Children has been nominated for an RTS Innovation Award

Great news for the project, and the team that worked so hard to produce this already award winning website! A real honour, the RTS Innovation category recognises outstanding achievements in the development of new technologies in video production, manipulation and distribution, and outstanding creativity in the enhancement of content.

Empire's Children website


September 20, Empire's Children won best Community website at the Y Design Awards 2007

Congratulations Illumina Digital! Empire's Children won Best Community Website at the Y Design Awards 2007. Hosted at the Royal Festival Hall in London on Tuesday 18th September, Empire's Children was up against tough competition from some of the UK's leading design agencies. The awards celebrate creativity and originality in design and technology.

Empire's Children website


September 10, Get Cooking nominated for the Best Food and/or Drink Website in the world

Nominated for the Best Food and/or Drink Website in the world by the World Food Media Awards, Get Cooking is so HOT right now. A popular website with audiences ranking well in terms of time spent per visit, since it launched in April 2007 users have been spending more and more time on the Get Cooking website, watching our celebrity chefs and getting inspired by food. Yummy stuff!

Get Cooking website

Get Cooking

September 10, Get Cooking nominated for two Online Publishing Awards

Get Cooking has been nominated for two Online Publishing Awards (AOP), 'Design and Usability' and 'Best Video.' Since launching in April 2007 'Get Cooking' has helped boost traffic to the BBC Food site and usage is continuing to rise. Now that's what I call good news.

Get Cooking website

Focus on Film

July 16, Illumina launch Focus on Film

Primarily for teachers and students and available to the general public, this rich media tool enables online visitors to search, view and play around with The National Archives' audio visual content. Including clips from the history of film users can search and engage with otherwise unseen footage and edit their own video sequences online.

Download full press release

Focus on Film website

Empire's Children

June 22, Empire's Children goes Live

A user driven video rich website to accompany the Channel 4 show, Empires Children online offers specialist guides and hints and tips for investigating your family Empire history. With information on the key historical events surrounding Empire countries and 16 celebrity stories about their personal connections, Empires Children is seeded with broadcast quality content that extends the television experience online - allowing viewers to engage further. As well as following their own countries and stories of interest, users can contribute their own Empire chronicles for others to view and comment on.

Download full press release

Empire's Children website

Summer of British Film

June 1, BBC Summer of British Film goes Live

A celebration of British film - British Film Forever offers the General British Public the chance to explore, create and share their passion for filmmaking. Inspired by BBC 2's British film season British Film Forever invites budding amateur filmmakers and actors to re-make scenes from their favourite British films and upload them online. A place for people with a passion to share their filmic efforts with an audience of film lovers, British Film Forever is a fantastic platform for new British talent! Did we find the next Ridley Scott or Ken Loach?

Download full press release

The Summer of British Film website


May 31, Get Cooking shortlisted for RTS Award

Already shortlisted for a Broadcast Digital Channel Award and BAFTA TV Craft Award, Get Cooking produced by Illumina Digital for the BBC has just been nominated for a Royal Television Society RTS Education award too!

Featuring a team of six leading TV chefs and 20 hours of interactive cookery programming, Get Cooking is a personalized cooking experience for the modern home kitchen. Whether it's Mexican Style Bean Soup with Sophie Grigson, Red Cooked Pork Belly with Mike Robinson or Baked Lime Cheesecake with Lesley Waters - Get Cooking includes culinary delights to tempt all palettes.

Get Cooking website


April 20, Further awards for Stagework

Stagework, winner of 2 BAFTAs and a UN World Summit Award, has been voted the best education site and best overall website by 800 delegates at the Museums and Web Conference in San Francisco last week.

Stagework website

Webby honor

April 12, Webby Honour for My Science Fiction Life

My Science Fiction Life, developed by Illumina Digital in conjunction with BBC Wales, has been selected as an Official Honouree for the Television category at the 11th Annual Webby Awards. This distinction is awarded to work that scores in the top 15% of all work entered for the Webby awards...


March 26, Two BAFTA nominations for Illumina Digital

Illumina Digital has received two of the four nominations in the New Media Developer category of the BAFTA TV Craft Awards. The nominations are for the Breaking the News project for ITN/Channel 4 and Get Cooking for the BBC.

Get Cooking website

Breaking the News website

Centre of the Cell

March 14, Centre of the Cell goes Live

Last week Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry launched Centre of the Cell, a dynamic online resource for information, quizzes and interactive games about cells and their role in medical research. Content for the site has been provided by more than 60 leading scientists and doctors at Queen Mary, University of London and its Medical School. The site was designed and built by Illumina Digital and will be followed in the new year by the Centre of the Cell interactive science centre.


February 7, La Boheme for English National Opera

This week the English National Opera launches Inside Out a new project designed and built by Illumina Digital to coincide with a new staging of la boheme. The site, which is part of the Sony PlayStation Season, features a behind-the-scenes guide to the life of the opera house and the new production of Puccini's Parisian love story together with an interactive singing lesson featuring actor and playwright Kwame Kwei-Armah.

ENO Inside Out website